iPhone Lock Screen for Android iOS Style with SlideLock

Do you have an Android and prefer mimicking iPhone’s Lock Screen? You need to know all about what iPhone’s Lock Screen first of all. It actually easily could accomplish the fine result. You can have it on your Android. Yes, this post is about iPhone Lock Screen for Android. Especially, iOS style with SlideLock.

Details about iOS Lock Screen

ios 7 iphone lockscreen

On iPhone, the screen turns on every time receiving a push notification. There is no need of a touch from the user at all. Just at a quick glance, all recent notifications are viewable. Just simply swipe the notification on to pull it up. You will have to input your valid fingerprint or code. This is a must if there is a security on the device.

Every time receiving a notification, the pane is visible from the Lock Screen. It wakes the phone up for a few seconds. A new service of notification listener is enabled by Google on Android 4.3 for the apps. Just tap and interactive notifications are on the display screen.

iPhone Lock Screen for Android SlideLock

ios lockscreen slidelock


The app is pretty even a lot more than LockerPro as its previous release. It effectively mimics the iPhone Lock Screen for Android on iOS. There is no stealing of the entire look at all. It adds some extra features instead.

Clean and minimal UI SlideLock is nice. It is easy to slide (just slide it). A chronological order shows all notifications you receive. You can open or dismiss all of them by swiping an icon “dismiss all.

You can do customization to meet your liking. It is easy to access the Settings by opening the app. Just tap the app icon. The notifications you receive are all from check apps. To unselect one or some of them, just press the check box so that they not to appear on the Lock Screen. How the notifications are on the display in fine tune, just click on the icon to select. You can do a customization on any alerts like Wi-Fi Network.

More Additional Settings

  • Lockscreen – You can do some customization here. The lockscreen look, time and date formats, camera shortcut, status bars, wallpapers and screen timeout are yours to set. Customizing theme is also given to you to select according to personal taste.
  • Notifications – Display of notification type is yours to choose. You can also decide whether to receive new notifications or not when earlier ones that dismiss from SlideLock.
  • Privacy – It allows you whether displaying the full message, only title, hide text or everything in the notification.
  • Advanced – To hide all notifications in specific apps, you can do it in Black List.

There is a lot of love about SlideLock to enjoy on Android with basic iOS lockscreen needs. However, it is imperfect at all. There is no security feature like ones real on Apple’s device. Pattern or pin locks are still on the display after the SlideLock is unlocked.

A true iOS-like lockscreen on Android is delivered by SlideLock app. It is free to download completely to add your Android phone a little touch of iOS.

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