How to Unlock iPhone Screen Lock – With More Details

The Lock Screen for iOS 10 has been re-invented by Apple. There are significant changes in how to unlock iPhone Screen Lock as well as iPad. It is easy to control and quickly too. You can almost instantly get to your widgets, camera, call out Siri and more.

What is The iPhone Screen Lock Layout?

At the first glance, it looks simple. In fact, there are many hidden functionality just a gesture away. Siri or passcode entry can spatially replace the main Lock Screen. You can easily swipe it aside to reveal widgets of Today View or the camera. Swiping over with Control Center or Notification Center is also easily. Do you have another Apple device? Then you can easily tap an icon and go to the same app with it.

Getting to the iPhone Screen Lock

how to unlock passcode screens

A new iPhone and iPad or used ones but you firstly have it on your hand will get you to the Lock Screen. This is as soon as you turn the device on. How to get to the Lock Screen?

  • Press and hold down the On/Off button. Each iPhone series has different placements. From iPhone 6 or later, it is on the right side while others are on top. Just hold it down for around 3 seconds long.
  • Let the hold down go when the Apple logo appears.

In case your device’s screen is still off after turned on, you can apply 3 ways. They are meant to wake it back again so that to get to the Lock Screen.

“Raise to Wake” can be triggered by lifting the iPhone up. The feature is available on iPhone 6s and later.

  • Then click the Sleep/Wake button on the device. This is meant so that not to miss any notifications about Lock Screen.
  • To get to the Home Screen faster, just click the Home Button on the device.

How to Unlock your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen

Go to the Home Screen. If required, you will have to enter Touch ID or passcode, or Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. Your contents in the device are decrypted for you to access and use. In case you do not have a setup Touch ID or passcode, then you better to make one. This is a must! How to make one? Here are the steps:

If you have a Passcode without Touch ID set up

  • Click the Home Button
  • Enter 4-6 digits of Alphanumeric password to create a strong one

If you have Touch ID set up

how to unlock touch id screens

  • On the Home Button can you place the Touch ID registered finger
  • Click the Home Button

Accessing the Camera from the Lock Screen Quickly

For the fast access to the camera, there is all-new gestures on the all-new Lock Screen. At the bottom right, just swipe it up from the camera icon. Less fussy gesture is featured.

  • You can touch on the Lock Screen anywhere
  • Towards the left edge, just swipe your finger
Accessing the Today View widgets quickly on the Lock Screen

Siri recommendations are combined to Today View widgets. They are all now accessible in the same way from anywhere including the Lock Screen. Just touch anywhere on the Lock Screen such as swiping your finger towards the right edge.

There are more to take advantage from the new Lock Screen. Easy and quick access to Notification Center, Control Center, Wallet and Apple Pay, Siri, suggested Apps and others. Time saver is indeed a great benefit to give you easy access on to your device quickly.

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