How to Enable or Disable iOS 10 iPhone Lock Screen Widgets

iPhone Lock Screen widgets are a simple way to access features on your smartphone. You can enable and disable this feature. iPhone with iOS 10 has redesign Lock Screen. Many users positively response to it. This is because of easy to swipe away on your locking iPhone device.

In the iOS 9, iPhone Lock Screen widgets widgets were also available although with an ingrained gesture in the swipe to the right. In iOS 10, more convenience is a feature to the better experience of users.

ios 10 lock screen widgets

The users of iOS 10 can see the widgets display on the screen of locking iPhone. It can be done just by flicking two toggles within the app Settings. There is no more straightforward than iOS settings can go.

How to Enable or Disable iPad and iPhone Lock  Screen Widgets

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode

touch id passcode

  • Allow Access When Locked, turn OFF Today View and Notifications View options by toggling both of the switches. Anytime you change your mind, just simply return to this section to switch the toggles back to ON.

touch id passcode settings

  • Press the Home Button to have the Settings app quit. You can then check the device for a test of your device’s setting.

Although the widgets of your iPhone or iPad are visible to someone, a Touch ID or passcode enables authenticate access. There is no possibility of interaction with the data if no authentication. You can even disable the widgets on the Lock Screen. This is to make sure the data is safe in the phone. It is easy to enable and disable just a few taps away.

Disabling iOS 10 iPhone Lock Screen Widgets and Reverting to iOS 9

How to disable iOS 10 Press home to open or unlock the Lock Screen? How to revert it back to iOS 9 style? It is one-click unlocking on iPad, iPod Touch and surely iPhone.

raise to wake ios 10 settings

Although may not suit everyone’s needs, but the fact is that iOS 10 changes on functionality of Press home to unlock / open and Raise to Wake. If you are included into users who do not want to interact with the new unlocking system of iPhone or iPad, just fall back.

Go to Settings application> General> Accessibility> Home Button> tap on that cell to proceed> Rest Finger To Open> Turn in ON. By doing these steps, you are disabling iOS 10 Press home to unlock default. You are done.

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