How to Customize iPhone Lock Screen – Settings Make it Easy

Fast and convenient access is provided by the Customize iPhone Lock Screen. Control Center, Siri, camera and more are enjoyable with privacy still well kept. Disabling inconvenience is also a feature by the Lock Screen today. There are great features to customize based on your personalization. In this article, you will learn some of interesting features to customize.

how to customize iphone lock screen

Changing Wallpaper on iPhone and iPad Customize iPhone Lock Screen

On the Lock Screen, Apple’s default wallpaper is featured for the very first time.

Go to Settings from the Home Screen> Wallpaper> Choose a New Wallpaper.

There are image collections from the Gallery or you can also choose a Live animated Photo. Or, you can also make your own picture to become the wallpaper. Just tap on its location.

Setting Auto-Lock Time

At any time, the screen can be turned off on your iPad or iPhone. It will automatically turn off by default to save power after 2 minutes. You can also change to custom the time limit. Do it when in Power Save Mode.

From the Home Screen, you can launch Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto Lock> then tap preferred timing> Display & Brightness.

Turning Off Raise to Wake

Starting from iPhone 6s or later with iOS 10 or later, the screen can be woken up when lifted up automatically. You can also disable it in Settings if not like it to happen.

Go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Switch Raise to Wake to Off. You can repeat the steps simply anytime when change your mind. Just switch Raise to Wake back on.

Turning Off Control Center

Accessing settings can easily be with Control Center. Others like home accessories and media controls are also accessible easier. One drawback is that letting other people to access all of that as easy as you can do. Is that a concern to you? Well, you can pull up the Control Center from the Lock Screen.

Go to Settings> Control Center> Access on Lock Screen> turn it Off

Turning Off Notifications

Popping up notifications are surely a great convenience. However, they are not when it comes to private ones. Well, you can simply turn them off one at a time. There are also some apps that might have optional privacy addition such as messages.

Settings> Notifications> tap the notification to be disabled> Show on Lock Screen to Off.

Turning Off Today View

You can search for contents like news and weather on Today View. Other things can be done are reviewing your upcoming calendar events, Siri suggestions and more. If you want to keep some to be private and inaccessible from the Lock Screen, just turn it off.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Today View to Off.

Turning Off Notification View Customize iPhone Lock Screen

It is a part of Notification Center. It lets you to see all notifications in the previous. Disabling or turning it off is easy.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Notification View to Off.

Turning Off Siri

It is a virtual assistant personally from Apple. From the Customize iPhone Lock Screen, Siri answers and executes commands. Your Touch ID or Passcode is required for authorization. Do you want Siri inaccessible? Just turn it off.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Siri to Off.

Turning Off Replying with Message

A voice message is sent from iMessage. If someone sends it, the notification will pop up on the Lock Screen. Replying it is simple and quick. Do you care of privacy? Just turn it off.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Reply with Message to Off.

Turning Off Home Control

Your iPhone or iPad home automation accessories are easy to control with HomeKits even from the Lock Screen. Disabling it is easy to prevent security risk.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Home Control to Off.

Turning Off wallet and Apple Pay

The Wallet means everything from your boarding pass to movie tickets to Starbucks in the right time and place. Your Apple Pay debit and credit cards are just a double-click away from the Home Screen. You can turn them off if you want to.

Go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Passcode> switch Wallet to Off.

Or, you can also go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay >, and how you set one will be reflected into the other.

Note: Every change can be turned back anytime you change your mind.

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