Best iPhone Lock Screens Widgets for iOS 10

Do you have iOS update? There are best iPhone Lock Screens to add your device more useful widgets. Viewing more information and event while also interacting with some data can really make your device interesting. Here are some of the most popular selections available.

Best iPhone Lock Screens So Far

best iphone lock screens ios 10

Fantastical 2 – Calendar Up Next is a cool widget on Lock Screen. You can see next upcoming reminder or event. There is schedule time and notes within a four-hour timeframe. A reminder set can easily to tap to check if off your list from the Lock Screen. It is simple and quick without any need of opening the app first. An “overdue” message will show in big red appearance in the widget. Finish the task or you will always find it a haunt. The Fantastical 2 widget will help you keeping on–task and always reminding of near future events.

iphone lock screens ios 10 fantastical 2

Launcher – It is a fantastic widget to have for launching apps. More other such as creating playlists, visiting websites etc. can just directly which means faster access. Just add a shortcut to let you jump from the Lock Screen to the destination. It is one of favorite widgets available for iPhone users. Individual communication is easy to set up for individual contacts. Launcher allows you jumping into what you need although you have many apps on your device.

iphone lock screens ios 10 launcher

Some More

Workflow – A specific activity will trigger a series of tasks. This is simple with Workflow. Just with a single tap or search Google for the lyrics of a song, you can simply upload screenshots to Dropbox. Easy and quick access will let you to enjoy the Lock Screen widget. It is just at a glance. In order to create a note, just use dictation. You can also destroy all clipboard copy data quickly. And even play favorite playlist and more with a single tap only. Easy access is to gain by getting Workflow Lock Screen widgets and setting recipes. This is meant to have activity productivity to increase on your Apple devices like iPad or iPhone.

iphone lock screens ios 10 workflow

Day One Journal – The widget will make sure of your secure memories as the best for journaling and cross-platform. 3 different actions are features of iPad and iPhone. There is no need of opening the app when checking in from any location at all. Previous entries are on display randomly. And you can see them in form of pictures. Just tap on one to view the entry directly. You can also see the information about how many words you have written per day. It is over the past 50 days. Depending on your specific needs, you can have one or all three because the widgets are separately one from another.

iphone lock screens ios 10 day one journal

There are other best iPhone Lock Screens for iOS 10 available. They are ESPN, Dark Sky, Todoist, Alt, Timeglass and more. What are your favorites?

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