iPhone Lock Screen - All Details and Reviews You Should Know

There are common and frequently asked questions about iPhone Lock Screen. What is it? How to use it? How to change it to make your own personalization? There are answers for all these questions. Anytime toy boot up or turning on your device, it is the very first screen you land. As assistant and gatekeeper, the screen will keep your iPad and iPhone secured from any unauthorized access. You will also get the information by up to date at glance. Quickly, you can get a lot of functionality with privacy options to toggle. Your preferences are yours to set and shown on the screen.

iPhone Lock Screen and iPad Navigation

The Lock Screen is re-invented by Apple. There are significant changes you see at glance with easy and quick control. You just have to be familiar with all that lives in the new Apple Lock Screen. You also need to learn several things such as:
  • Understanding the Lock screen layout
  • Getting to the Lock screen
  • Unlocking your iPhone or iPad
  • Accessing the camera from Lock screen quickly
  • Accessing the Today View widgets from Lock screen quickly
  • Access Notification Center from the Lock screen quickly
  • Accessing Control Center from the Lock screen quickly
  • Access Wallet and Apple Pay from the Lock screen quickly
  • Accessing Siri from the Lock screen quickly
  • Accessing 'Continuity' apps from the Lock screen quickly

iPhone Lock Screen and iPad Customization

ios 10 lock screen There are 2 contradictory purposes served by the Lock Screen. A fast and convenient access is provided for the much better and fun experiences. You can use features such as Siri, Camera, Control Center and more in a better way. You are sure of the preventive any unauthorized access to your iPad or iPhone. All customizations are yours to decide like swapping your wallpaper. Getting rid of or disabling any inconvenience is easy.

These are features that offer fast and easy convenience

  • Changing the wallpaper on your Lock screen
  • Setting Auto-Lock time
  • Turn off Raise to Wake
  • Turning off notifications on the Lock screen
  • Turning off Today View on the Lock screen
  • Turn off Notification View on the Lock screen
  • Turn off Siri access from the Lock screen
  • Turning off Reply with Message from the iPhone Lock Screen
  • Turn off Home Control from the Lock screen
  • Turning off Wallet and Apple Pay from the Lock screen
It is important to set up your passcode on your Apple device like iPad and iPhone. Any unauthorized access should enter a series of numbers or full on password. This is a must to unlock the device and access all of available features. Your personal information protection is enabled with hardware-level encryption. This is so much of protection as one of Apple services provided to its customers. Your private photos, videos, messages, health and financial information and more. It is recommended not to enter your passcode too often. This is because of Touch ID, Appleā€™s finger print identity sensor. Just make sure of a strong passcode to make. There are several features to learn more such as:
  • Setting a passcode
  • Changing your passcode
  • Switching to a longer numeric passcode
  • Switching to a stronger alphanumeric passcode
  • Changing the passcode time requirement
  • Turning off your passcode
Setting up and Using a Passcode on iPhone and iPad
touch id complete iphone The Touch ID makes smarter Home Button. You are sure of that as features by latest Apple devices. It has the ability to identify who you are in the Home Button. This is a lot better than a simple mechanical switch. There are features given by having the Touch ID. It allows your iPad or iPhone to unlock, authorize iTunes, Apple Purchases and App Store. Others like giving access to your banking apps and password are surely great features. Any other people will be kept out. It is not a security system at all for an additional convenience for users. To create a strong security system, just make an alphanumeric password. Touch ID makes sure of your convenience, safety but easy and quick to use. All you need is entering your passcode to access your device.
Starting from iPhone 5s, Touch ID works. On iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 or later, you can also use it.
To get to know more about Touch ID, there are FAQs about:
  • What is Touch ID?
  • Setting up Touch ID on iPhone and iPad
  • Identifying a Touch ID fingerprint
  • Labeling a Touch ID fingerprint
  • Deleting a Touch ID fingerprint
  • How to Easily Turn off Touch ID for the Lock screen
  • Ways How to Really Turn off easily Touch ID for Apple Pay
  • How to Turn off Touch ID for iTunes and App Store